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    • "If you are looking for an honest, reliable, friendly and with the great bond with the dogs dog walker - Didem is.
      I was looking some time already for a reliable dog walker. It's hard to believe how many dishonest 'professionals' I met. I was leaving
      adverts wherever possible and that's how I met Didem. I can tell you - I couldn't be more happy. She is friendly, honest, energetic and the
      most important a real dog lover. I have 2 shepherds, that she walks 2-4 times a week and she is doing great. One of them tends to be sober
      and lazy when it's a walk time, specially if the weathers not great, but she has a magic touch and he makes her no troubles! When I come back home from work I see 2 happy and tired dogs.
    • If you are looking for a great dog walker, search no more! I can truly recommend Didem." -Julia Szymanska


    • "I found Didem through googling for a dog walker in Amsterdam! Being not Dutch, it's hard to google things in English haha! Anyway, Milo (my male Berner Sennenhund) was only 2.5 months old when Didem started walking him everyday! She is honest, friendly and I can see that she loves animal very much! The best thing about Didem is, she posted and inform you on her activity via twitter and whatsapp when she takes your dog! It gives you a sense of trust and comfort to know what is going on with your dog while you are away at work!" -Nora K.
    • "My two cats are very attached to me. They don’t like to be alone in the house for too long. Especially when I go away in the weekends -which is regularly the case- they need some company during the day. Therefore I ask Didem to come and play with them. As my cats wait for me on the door edge, they welcome Didem the same way. This shows that they appreciate her coming. I find them relaxed and know for sure that Didem has given them the attention they need. Thanks Didem, now I can go away without looking back…" -Deniz Keklik